PlayBook transforms organizations through custom solutions built from time-tested success. We will help you define your goals and vision, design the plan to achieve them, and get your entire team on board to make them happen.

We partner with leading corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses to improve performance and increase the capacity for meaningful impact. Our comprehensive approach takes us beyond the typical consultant relationship, empowering and supporting clients to confidently turn insights into actions.


Build a Shared Vision

We help you give voice to your greatest aspirations.  Then our facilitators engage your team to build the strategy and roadmap to achieve that vision. Using a collaborative, inclusive approach ensures buy-in from the ground up.

  • Business Strategy

  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

  • Executive Performance Coaching


Transform the Culture

An aligned culture is the surest path to achieve your organization’s goals and sustain that success.  PlayBook establishes the framework to refine, communicate, and actively transform the culture that drives your high-performance strategy.

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Team Performance Coaching


Drive the Plan

We coach teams as they begin to plan, implement, and manage change. PlayBook provides guidance, tools, training, and ongoing coaching support to senior leaders to ensure a solid launch and to maintain momentum for continuous improvement.

  • Coaching and Team Development

  • Employee Engagement

  • Change Management



Leslie Mullens

Founder & Senior Strategist

Leslie Mullens, founder and leader of PlayBook Consulting Group, specializes in helping companies improve bottom line performance through organizational transformation. She has developed and facilitated hundreds of engagements for pioneering corporate, small business, nonprofit, and government communities. An expert in change management, cultural transformation, and cross-sector collaborative problem solving, her approach builds team capacity and confidence to get the job done. Partnering with highly motivated and engaged leaders, she focuses on building winning game plans for clients by facilitating effective organizational transformation, developing and implementing strategic plans that accelerate growth, and enhancing leadership effectiveness. Read More



"Working with PlayBook empowered us to identify and repair the gaps in our leadership and staff, uniting us and focusing our energy on a shared vision, direction, and achievable goals. This energized, aligned team's performance results speak for themselves!”