Winning Teams (1-Day or 2-Day Workshop)*

If you believe that people are your strongest (and most valuable) asset, then this is how you can get them to be a high-functioning, remarkably productive team. We bring clarity in understanding the prevailing working styles and thinking preferences that persist across the team and encourage people to think about their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as where those strengths can be amplified and where the weaknesses can be improved into opportunities. We provide practical exercises in the tools and processes for building deeper trust, constructive conflict, more authentic buy-in & commitment, stronger accountability, and a team that is continuously producing results.
*Workshop length can be customized to fit your needs.


Difficult Feedback (1/2 Day Workshop)*

No leader likes to deliver tough messages to employees, colleagues or clients.  Confronting someone about poor performance, bad behavior, or other unmet expectations that have to be remedied is challenging but necessary. We help you prepare for these difficult conversations and explores ways to defuse potentially disastrous outcomes that naturally occur when these tough talks go badly.  We’ll talk about emotional triggers we all experience and practice relationship-saving tactics that deliver better results for employees, teams, and organizations.
*Workshop length can be customized to fit your needs.


Change Management (1/2 Day or 1 Day)*

Most leaders underestimate the level of planning, communication, and commitment necessary for even the smallest organizational change. Whether you’re rolling out a revised policy or a bold new vision, your team needs support so that they can understand the change and make the most of it while upholding the level of performance and results your company demands. This program explains dives deep into the change management process and provides an opportunity for leaders to map out the critical elements and messages for upcoming changes.  You’ll learn how to effectively assess your organization’s readiness for change and cultivate a culture of innovation.
*Workshop length can be customized to fit your needs.


Talent-Based Team (1/2 Day or 1 Day)*

Great leaders understand that a team’s competitive advantage lies in its collective ability to consistently deliver high-end results. The secret to that success is building a talent-based team whose skills complement one another and cover all the bases. We analyze each team member’s talents to create a comprehensive Team Strengths Map that highlights skills gaps, talent clusters, star players in your much-needed core competencies, and high-tension areas that might be negatively affecting your team dynamic. We’ll help your team create a new game plan to maximize individual and collective performance while increasing self-awareness and appreciation of what each team member can contribute to company success.
*Workshop length can be customized to fit your needs.


Trailblazer Treks (3 Day or 4 Day)

This immersive learning excursion for women leaders who, as individuals and as a group/cohort, actively explore the barriers and beliefs that inhibit living and leading to their full potential. We guide and support each woman through her unique learning journey of discovery, exploration, and transformation. The experience is a blend of hiking, reflection, cohort learning & support, active executive coaching, and a unique opportunity to deeply (re)connect with nature. 2019 Trailblazer Treks are scheduled in Yosemite National Park and Zion National Park.
Ask us for this year’s trek details.


Team-based Trust (1/2 Day or 1 Day)*

Teams that trust each other create an uncommon competitive advantage through the quality and creativity of ideas that are generated as well as the bonds that are forged over time. Great leaders understand the factors that build and inhibit trust. They are adept at assessing the team’s trust-related challenges, calling out areas for improvement and cultivating high-trust teams that can consistently achieve results. This workshop gives leaders the tools to recognize where trust breaks down, identify the root cause, and take steps towards repairing relationships. It helps leaders build solid, trusting teams from the ground up and explores strategies to sustain that trust over time.
*Workshop length can be customized to fit your needs.

"When we came to PlayBook for help, our future was unfocused. Your step-by-step
guidance in recognizing opportunities and addressing our biggest challenges was such a relief. Thank you for helping us define a clear strategy and the roadmap to make it all happen."