Results-driven. Client-focused. Community-oriented.

The PlayBook Difference: Translational Leadership

PlayBook Consulting Group was founded in response to a need for improved organizational effectiveness. Our work improves bottom-line performance by, among other things:

  • Developing effective leadership

  • Defining strategic clarity

  • Cultivating a skilled, engaged workforce

  • Attaining operational excellence

  • Designing powerful communications and connection skills

  • Increasing resilience and capacity to manage change

Our expertise, philosophy, and approach make PlayBook uniquely equipped to help you craft creative solutions that lead to action and results. Our purpose is to effectively inspire and empower organizational transformation at all levels.

With PlayBook, you are getting a partner who is invested in your journey and success. It’s important to us that you maintain ownership of the process and outcomes with buy-in at every level of the organization. We will provide fresh perspectives on doing business and a customized strategic roadmap that solves problems, implements positive change, and delivers the results you need to get ahead and stay ahead.

We seamlessly work up, down, and across various organizational hierarchies — bridging differences, connecting with groups who might otherwise be excluded, and translating between constituencies. It is a rare skill, and PlayBook has it.

Our Guiding Principles

We are driven by an inexhaustible ambition to create or inspire meaningful impact – for individuals, for teams, across organizations, in our communities, and around the world. When we help teams, companies, and governments work more effectively together, our impact becomes exponential, and that is exhilarating to us.

There is not much we can control in this world…except our response to an ever-changing dynamic. We believe that everyone needs to develop a certain elasticity and toughness to be able to recover quickly and spring back in better form than before. PlayBook has the agility to bring that sensibility and focus to every client engagement. 

We measure ourselves against a higher, more elusive standard than most in our field. For us, excellence hinges on developing an uncommon intimacy as a trusted partner and adviser to our clients. We work beyond what you tell us you want and discover the bigger, often unarticulated, need that will transform your organization’s performance and experience.  We deliver on that need in the most positive, effective, and efficient ways possible.

We hold ourselves accountable to a moral code and strong ethical principles. We act with honesty and incorruptibility in our behavior, relationships, actions, and communication.

Our methods are grounded in collaboration – we listen and ask questions, learning about what is going right and where improvements are needed. Then we work together to realize shared goals.

"Your strategic planning and team-building exercises launched remarkable changes for us. Part business surgeon, part coach, part therapist...altogether this makes PlayBook a world-class resource that (re)builds solid companies and teams. We asked for a certain type of strategic planning proposal, and PlayBook responded by giving us what we needed…not just what we asked for. We couldn't have done it without you!”


Leslie Mullens

Founder & Senior Strategist

Leslie Mullens, founder and leader of PlayBook Consulting Group, specializes in helping companies improve bottom line performance through organizational transformation. She has developed and facilitated hundreds of engagements for pioneering corporate, small business, nonprofit, and government communities. An expert in change management, cultural transformation, and cross-sector collaborative problem solving, her approach builds team capacity and confidence to get the job done. Partnering with highly motivated and engaged leaders, she focuses on building winning game plans for clients by facilitating effective organizational transformation, developing and implementing strategic plans that accelerate growth, and enhancing leadership effectiveness.

Prior to launching PlayBook in 2004, Leslie led Cisco Systems’ global e-commerce and systems integration strategy across the company’s B2B ecosystem, an initiative that saved Cisco $400M in its first two years.  

Leslie recently designed and facilitated leadership development initiatives for the Obama Foundation, American Savings Bank, and Pacific Whale Foundation. She is a change management consultant for the Aspen Institute’s national policy initiatives on mobility from poverty and an Omidyar Fellow in social change and leadership development. She has designed change management strategies for Hawaii’s Department of Human Services and Hawaii Gas, facilitated strategic planning efforts for Aloha United Way and Hawaii’s State IT Department, and led Team Health & Effectiveness performance programs for The Omidyar Group and First Hawaiian Bank.

Her belief is that healthy, talented teams with authentic, driven leaders can effectively collaborate to build sustainable, adaptive solutions to any challenge. Her role is to create the fertile environment where teams and leaders can evolve to their highest performance potential.