Strategic Planning & Retreat Workshops

PlayBook’s line-up of services are designed to improve your organization’s bottom-line performance. In our work together, we partner with CEO’s and top-level managers to create a customized playbook with game plans that tackle your toughest business challenges. We know that high-performing teams set ambitious targets, cultivate an intentional culture, plan for change and impact, develop winning teams with the right talent, and execute flawlessly.


Our Work Results in:

  • Increased Productivity and Performance

  • Decreased Costs, Increased Profits

  • Clear Vision and Mission/Purpose

  • Refined Strategic Direction

  • Increased Team Alignment and Commitment


  • Team Health & Effectiveness

  • Greater Innovation with Diverse Ideas

  • Effective Communication

  • Operational Accountability

  • Employee Engagement: Recruitment
    and Retention



Strategic Planning

High performing companies win by design. PlayBook partners with your management team to design and facilitate half-day to multi-day strategic planning sessions, as well as more in-depth long-term engagements. This work is vital to an organization’s overall health and progress and includes:

  • Strategic direction, vision

  • 3-5 year goal-setting

  • Realistic, results-based action plans

  • Collaborative problem-solving

  • Teambuilding

We will deliver an adaptive Strategic Plan that outlines your vision, mission, values, core competencies, strategic priorities, and a detailed roadmap to guide you towards fulfilling your goals. The Tactical Plan is built on easy-to-follow steps that assign accountability and provide motivation to which everyone in the organization can commit.


Leadership Development

Most leaders need training to be effective stewards who keep employees engaged and productive. We will partner with you to design a leadership development curriculum for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month training and coaching engagement that focuses on cultivating your top talent and the next generation of leaders. The 3-part program gives new and emerging leaders guidance, tools, and training in:

  • Self-awareness and management (what holds you back from being a great leader?)

  • Team management (how to consistently get the best out of your teams)

  • Network and partner influencing/management (how to leverage relationships to achieve more)


Team Health & Effectiveness

Achieving your goals always comes down to the team entrusted to running the plays. Engaged employees who understand and are motivated by their contribution to the overall vision and purpose are your most prized asset. We will work with you to assess your employee and team challenges and then draft an action plan that helps you:

  • Recruit top talent

  • Train them to be productive members of the team and culture

  • Build collaborative teams

  • Consistently motivate them to exceed expectations

  • Predictably support their work and growth/development



Sometimes your organization may not need (or may not have the budget) to hire a consultant for the entire strategic planning process.

  • Leverage one of our strongest skills: Bridging concepts, people, and projects through guided communication and strategy.

  • Once we understand your meeting goals, we’ll prepare our Facilitator’s Guide to moderate your brainstorming and strategy sessions.

Change Management

In today’s economy, if you’re not changing and improving, you’re being left behind in the market. At PlayBook, we are experts at planning for and implementing change across organizations. We will team up with you to design a change management plan that inspires your leaders and gives everyone a clear roadmap for the change to come, the benefits and pain points to expect, and the support you’ll provide to ensure success.  Our change management plans always improve:

  • Collaboration and buy-in

  • Engagement and enthusiasm

  • Employee satisfaction, performance, and retention

  • Stability through change

  • Focus on the work and the outcomes

  • Rate of success

  • Speed of transformation or change

  • Ability to keep other business results up to par during the disruptive change


Succession Planning

Change is inevitable. Although it is stressful, it infuses the organization with new perspectives and energy. We help you step through this often awkward, disruptive process, allaying the fears that often block progress while we assess the organization’s health and readiness for change.

  • Opportunity to reflect on strengths, weaknesses, successes, and lessons

  • Comprehensive Succession Plans

  • Make informed decisions for CEO or Executive Director recruitment

  • Design a Blueprint for Change for board & staff recruitment strategies and communication


Executive Performance Coaching

Through our CEO2Go® program, PlayBook offers professional CEO development and mentoring that ignites strategic thinking and helps senior and emerging leaders transform your culture to achieve your boldest vision. Benefit from our expertise in a package that works with your bottom line.

  • Hourly or retainer basis

  • Gain fresh perspective on complex issues

  • Drive implementation & manage change effectively

  • Adopt/adapt game changing growth strategies

  • Consistent “Thinking Partner” and source of accountability to bounce ideas off of


Process Improvement

There is always room for improvement, no matter what the process. “The way we’ve always done it” may not be working in today’s business world or with your current customers or employees. 

  • Sharpen your workflow to reduce errors and cycle time

  • Troubleshoot and review the processes that support key parts of your business

  • Streamline processes and reduce time and money required to run the business

  • Redistribute work and get staff’s “Aces in their Places”