What's your greatest hope for your company? Your greatest need or dearest dream?  We'll help you define it, design the plan to achieve it, and get your entire team on board to make it happen.


We're PlayBook Consulting Group and we are Game Changers.


PlayBook helps transform organizations through custom solutions built from time-tested success.  We partner with Hawaii’s leading corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses to improve performance and increase the capacity for meaningful impact.  Our comprehensive approach takes us beyond the typical consultant relationship, empowering and supporting clients to confidently turn insights into actions that create lasting change.

Transform the Culture

An aligned culture is the surest path to achieve your organization’s goals and sustain that success.  Consistent behaviors, systems, and a common “organizational language” are key.  PlayBook establishes the framework

to refine, communicate, and actively transform the culture that drives your dreams.

Drive the Plan

Once the strategic plan is in place, we coach teams as they begin to implement the desired changes.  PlayBook provides guidance, tools, training, and ongoing coaching support to senior leaders to ensure a solid launch and to maintain momentum for continuous improvement.

Build a Shared Vision

We help you give voice to your greatest aspirations.  Then our facilitators engage your team to build the strategy and roadmap to achieve that vision. Using a collaborative, inclusive approach ensures buy-in from the ground up.

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